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Everyone goes through countdowns on a daily basis. From the moment your alarm wakes up, you countdown until the moment you’re at the office. The second you sit down at your desk on Monday morning, you countdown to the weekend. But, there’s only one countdown that we truly anticipate, and it’s on the last day of the year.

New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly one is the most prepared for evening of the year. But with it come stressful preceding events primarily tied to deciding on how you’ll be welcoming in the New Year. While inboxes begin to flood with invites around October, only the best alternative New Year’s Eve events are found on NewYearsCruises.com. Featuring a selection of the top yachts in the biggest markets in the nation, each host colossally regal events that welcome you aboard to toast the night away. This day is meant for creating incredible memories, and what better setting than a phenomenal yacht. Take your celebration off land this year with one of our New Year’s cruises!

New York City Cruises

Ring in the New Year in one of the loudest and busiest cities around, New York City! Don’t let the high-energy hustle and bustle of this city scare you away from enjoying one of the most memorable New Year’s celebrations around. Take in the sites and scenery on one of our New Year’s cruises. View the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, and so much more when you sail with us! Allow yourself to bring in the New Year in style and luxury!

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Chicago Cruises

Allow us to blow you away with this windy city New Year’s celebration. Bring a friend, raise your glasses and book your ticket aboard one of our Chicago New Year’s cruises! Sailing out from the Navy Pier, our cruises will give you the best views of Chitown all New Year’s night. Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals and bring in your New Year right!

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Miami Cruises

Welcome to beautiful and sunny Miami, the perfect place to be for your New Year’s festivities. Take a tour of South Beach with one of our New Year’s cruises and view Miami how you’ve never seen it before. We can’t wait to take care of you and give you a taste of the Miami lifestyle this year!

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San Francisco Cruises

Get your pass through the Golden Gates and experience a New Year’s party like no other. Hop aboard one of our San Francisco New Year’s cruises and enjoy your night as you sail through the Bay Area. Let us put the Golden Gate Bridge right in front of your face and give you a view of San Francisco that you can’t find anywhere else! You’re going to love bringing in the New Year with us we guarantee it.

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San Diego Cruises

San Diego is home to beautiful beaches and wonderful weather, so why not celebrate your New Year in this city? Better yet why don’t you bring in the New Year aboard one of our New Year’s cruises! Enjoy the weather out at sea and view the beaches from the other side this year. Allow yourself to sail around San Diego in comfort and style while celebrating the arrival of a New Year!

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Boston Cruises

You may know about Boston because of the Boston Tea Party, but let us give you another reason to remember Boston. Leave the year you had behind at the Boston Harbor and bring in the New Year aboard one of our New Year’s cruises. Nothing is stopping you from enjoying one of the best New Year’s celebrations this year except yourself!

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Washington D.C. Cruises

You’ve found yourself in Washington D.C. for New Year’s Eve and can’t seem to find what’s going on for the night. Don’t allow yourself to end up at the typical bar or club scene and book a ticket aboard one of our New Year’s cruises! We will sail you through the city as you party on one of the best cruises you could find. Don’t waste your time at any other event and treat yourself to an experience that you will remember for years to come!

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Toronto Cruises

Welcome to the largest city in Canada, the home of your New Year’s celebration. This year, we are going to sail you around Toronto and give you an unforgettable party. Let us treat you like a high-class celebrity with an experience that will be unforgettable. On one of our New Year’s cruises, you will enjoy the top music of the year and drinks for the entire night. Don’t let your Canadian New Year’s celebration be the boring typical night out and book a ticket with us today!

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