Sights You’ll Enjoy on Our NYC New Year’s Cruises

Will you be celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York City on board one of our NYC New Year’s cruises? If so, then get ready to catch views of the city that you’ve never experienced right from our spacious yachts! Our NYC New Year’s cruises are going to sail you through the city as you celebrate the end of 2017 and bring in 2018. If you’re not celebrating with us on one of our NYC New Year’s cruises, check out the experience you’ll be missing out on here. Check out the sights that you’ll enjoy on our NYC New Year’s cruises and get ready for an unforgettable celebration!

The Statue of Liberty

Your New Year’s cruise will have you viewing Lady Liberty like you never have. Get ready to get up close and personal with this iconic New York City landmark. Sail next to the Statue of Liberty and snap away at this beautiful statue. You and your family will enjoy a special view of the Statue of Liberty that no other cruise will treat you to. Catch a view of this amazing landmark and get ready for what’s next on your New Year’s cruise.


The Brooklyn Bridge

Sail under the Brooklyn Bridge as you celebrate on our NYC New Year’s cruises and get a full view of the bridge while you’re at it. This great bridge serves as a connection between Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning over the East River. The Brooklyn Bridge is also one of the oldest hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridges in the United States! Enjoy views of the bridge as you celebrate and take a look at the city skyline while you’re sailing.






The Empire State Building

Of course, this staple skyscraper of the New York City skyline will be viewable from our NYC New Year’s cruises. Catch a view of this unique skyscraper that will definitely be lit up to celebrate the holiday. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration on board and make sure you get pictures of this famous landmark while you’re at it!




Looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your family?

Check out our family-friendly NYC New Year’s cruises here. And if you aren’t looking to celebrate with a family, we have your 21+ NYC New Year’s cruises right here!

The Freedom Tower

One of the most recent additions to the Manhattan skyline will be right in front of you as you celebrate New Year’s Eve on the sea. Party with us and snap away at this beautiful and tall landmark. The Freedom Tower stands at a remarkable 1,776 feet and is the fourth-tallest building in the world. Sail by this tall 104 floor tall building with glass all around and watch as the city’s lights reflect off the building. This great landmark is one that you don’t want to miss on our NYC New Year’s cruises!


The Manhattan Skyline

While you’ll be viewing all of the great landmarks, the beautiful Manhattan skyline will be yours to enjoy all night long. This iconic skyline will be viewable from our NYC New Year’s cruises whether you’re inside of our yachts or on the outside decks. Enjoy the views of the city skyline with your loved ones and sail into the New Year with us.

The best part of our NYC New Year’s cruises is not only will you enjoy views of the city skyline, but also a view of the New Year’s fireworks! Our New Year’s cruises will treat you to a front row seat to the show as the sky fills up with the fireworks. Celebrate with us this year and enjoy an unforgettable experience as you bring in 2018!


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