We’ve Got Plenty Of NYE Cruises In NYC

There’s no city more synonymous with fresh starts and new beginnings than New York. NYC attracts so many people, from so many different backgrounds, and so many different professions because of the endless possibilities this great city has to offer. The Big Apple is truly the place for dreamers from all walks of life. Whether you’re a painter, a chef, a photographer, a designer, or anything really; the big city will have something for you to start your path. So it only makes sense that NYC is pretty much the center of New Year’s Eve celebrations in the US.

New York wouldn’t be the same without the New Year’s ball drop….we guess. Not that the ball doesn’t have its history, and sure, New Yorkers probably hold the event in some special place in their hearts. But are the cold streets of Times Square really the most ideal place to celebrate the new year? Well, to each their own. But we’ve got a different idea on how to spend the end of the year.

Party With Us On These Premier NYE Cruises in NYC

Of course, to us, it’s always a good idea to party. And New Year’s Eve is especially a time to go all out and party hardy. That’s why we’ve got plenty of epic, nightclub-style party NYE cruises in NYC, So you could end the year in luxury and style.

BUT! If you’re looking for a more Family-Friendly cruise, scroll down a little further and take a look at our all ages events!

NYE cruises in NYC

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard the Amberjack V Yacht
The best thing about The Amberjack V is that it just brings out a vibe of wild night parties, the atmosphere of the boat just screams crazy fun night out. And that’s exactly what this NYE cruise has to offer. End the year with some good drinks and amazing views of the New York City skyline.

Premier New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise Aboard the Hornblower Esprit Yacht
Feast your eyes on the magnificent views of NYC landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. You’ll also be feasting on a six-course meal filled with scrumptious entrees aboard the Esprit. The yacht itself is an intimate and decadent vessel with a very classy aesthetic within it’s two interior decks. There’s also a small open-air aft deck with tastefully incorporated furniture. Fireworks, food, and a live DJ playing great music. What more could you ask of a cruise?

The New Year’s Eve Ball aboard the Infinity Yacht
You can keep your ball in Times Square, we’ve got one of our own thank you very much, and it’s on The Infinity. Oh the Infinity, how much we love thee. With your three super comfy climate-controlled interior decks, each decorated in lush vibrant LED lighting. Your beautiful interior design, with stunning chandeliers, and a bright and colorful light-up dance floor. And of course, how could we forget the incredible views we can get from your spacious sky deck.

Rock the Boat: New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard the Bay State
C’mon, you’ve spent the whole year adhering to a routine and doing what you have to do. Try living it up on the Bay State and shake things up for a last hurrah of the year. Enjoy tasty entrees, music from our live DJ, and amazing views of New York City. Oh, there’s also an amazing fireworks show when the clocks hits midnight.

Atlantis New Years Eve Fireworks Dinner Cruise
The Atlantis is truly the definition of a luxury yacht. This yacht was engineered to ensure the most comfortable, safe, and quite cruises for its passengers. The only sounds you’ll be hearing is the live DJ spinning the latest and greatest in Pop, Dance, and Top 40 Hits. It’s two climate-controlled interior decks were designed to portray affluence and regality. And you’ll certainly feel like royalty as your enjoying the delicious entrees aboard this NYE fireworks cruise.

NYE cruises in NYC

Admirals New Year’s Eve Gala Cruise Aboard the Hybrid Yacht
Step aboard the Hybrid Yacht for a New Year’s Eve you sure to never forget. Dance the night away as our live DJ spends the rest of the year playing the hottest tracks in contemporary music, with some classics thrown in too. The boat also has a beautifully designed wall to ceiling glass windows, where you’ll get premium views of New York City landmarks and that stellar fireworks show.

New Year’s Eve Manhattan Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Hornblower Sensation
The premier destination for a top-tier end of the year fireworks cruise is aboard the Sensation. This triple-decker yacht has two climate-controlled interior decks and a gorgeous, wide-open sky deck. You’ll enjoy fabulous views of NYC, and get a better view than anyone else of the annual NYE fireworks show set behind the Statue of Liberty.

Family Friendly NYE Cruises in NYC

If the nightclub really isn’t your scene, and you’re looking for something a little more wholesome. Don’t fret, we’ve also got an assortment of family-friendly NYE cruises in NYC that cater to your specific party needs.

NYE cruises in NYC

2019 New Year’s Eve Family Fireworks Gala Aboard The Cornucopia Destiny Yacht
Bring the family for an extravagant, all-out super fun end of the year party cruise you’re all sure to never forget. The beauty of the Destiny speaks for itself. The exterior of the yacht looks modern and sleek. While the two interior decks are both stylish and spacious. There’s also a lovely sky deck where you can get amazing pictures and videos of the NYE fireworks show.  

New Year’s Eve Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Serenity Yacht
End the year the right way aboard this fantastic dinner and fireworks cruise. You’ll definitely enjoy the Serenity Yacht’s comfy, cozy aesthetic. Not to mention, you’ll have a plethora of delicious entrees to feast on at the buffet area. And wide-open sky deck where you and your loved ones can enjoy stunning views of NYC and all its glory.

New Year’s Eve Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Audubon Yacht
Head to Pier 40 and hop aboard the Audubon Yacht and end the year in style, comfort, and a beautiful fireworks show set behind one of the world most famous monuments, the Statue of Liberty. But it’s not just stellar views on this cruise, you’ll also be treated to a full dinner buffet, and great music curated by our live DJ. So eat, dance, and enjoy the show on this spectacular family-friendly end of the year cruise.

New Year’s Eve Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Sundancer Yacht
Last, but not least, you could choose to end 2018 and start 2019 on the super stylish Sundancer Yacht. This exclusive dinner cruise will treat you to delicious entrees and astonishing views of the greatest city in the world. It also doesn’t hurt the boat just looks extremely cool.