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Cornucopia Destiny

The Cornucopia fleet is known for looking impressive, being tastefully designed, and being comfortable and spacious. And The Cornucopia Destiny is no exception to this rule. This fine vessel was erected and set to sail in 2002, and since then has remained one of the premier destinations for a multitude of public gatherings. Keep reading and find out more about this immense vessel.

The Cornucopia Destiny

A true triple threat. The Cornucopia Destiny sports two lavish climate-controlled interior decks. Beautifully designed with wood finishings around the windows, ceiling, and tabletop areas. Exuding elegance within its interior, the yacht aesthetic is akin to a lovely banquet hall.

The Destiny also features three fully stocked bars aboard, two dance floors, and a total of five restrooms. Not to mention, there’s also a lovely sky deck. Which has stylish lounge-styled seating, and a spacious dance floor. What more could you ask of a luxury yacht?

Keep scrolling down and see the amazing events we have on this amazing vessel.

Length: 115 ft.
Width: 30 ft.
Maximum Speed: 10 knots
Dance Floors: 2
Bars: 3
Rest Rooms: 5
Bridal Suite: Yes
Ceremony Area: Yes

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