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The Navy Pier Spirit

One of the hottest yachts in Chicago, The Navy Pier Spirit is a super stylish yacht that has an impeccable design. The exterior, the interior, the whole boat is really a treat for the eyes. Keep reading and see what this amazing vessel has to offer. 

The Navy Pier Spirit Yacht

This quadruple-decker delight is the perfect spot for creating memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll certainly never forget the lush interior this fine vessel sports. You’ll start on the Vista Deck, then make your way to the Escapade, and Finish off at the Horizon. The entire interior has a very classy, but still formal aesthetic. 

Each interior deck has bright ceilings that are complemented with the hints of blue scared throughout the vessel. From the bartops to pillars, and in more subtle places like the seating. This combination really makes the Navy Pier Spirit’s interior pop. And gives the vessel a high-class nightclub feel.    

With three gorgeous, climate controlled interior decks multiple bar areas, and fun amenities like bar-game favorites. You can help but fall in love with The Navy Pier Spirit Yacht. But that isn’t even all this vessel has to offer. There’s also a wide-open sky deck. With bright blue flooring, and stylish, lounge-esque seating, you’ll get an upscale rooftop feel as you bask in the glory of the Chicago skyline. 

Check below to see the amazing events we have planned aboard this gorgeous vessel!


600 East Grand Ave, Navy Pier
Chicago, IL 60611

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